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At Alpha Insurers, our trained auto insurance professionals can customize an insurance package to your needs. With our AUTO PLUS HOME (APH) package you can receive discounts up to 60% OFF your combined Auto & Home insurance premium! At Alpha Insurers, We Protect Your Good Things in Life!

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How to Get the Best Value for Your Dollar
Buying insurance can be confusing. Is the price right? Do you have the right coverage for your needs? What about your insurance company’s quality of service? Shop carefully to get the best value for your insurance dollar. At Alpha Insurers, we analyze your insurance needs and personalize the best insurance coverage to your needs.

Value: Policy, Price, and Service
Everyone wants a good value when they buy a car. You want a low price, but you also want transportation that’s reliable and a service facility that repairs your car promptly and thoroughly. That’s TRUE VALUE. The same applies to buying car insurance.

Good insurance value means finding the best coverage at the right price and with caring service.

When your medical and repair bills pile up, you need a policy that covers you fully and insurance that pays valid claims promptly. At Alpha Insurers, we know you and your insurance needs. We can customize an insurance program that’s right for you and your family at an affordable cost.

Shop and Compare
If you shop for insurance, you should consider the following:

  1. How much insurance and what kind of coverage do you get for the price? The cost depends on you deductible, the type and age of your car, miles driven, and your age, sex, residence, and driving record.
  2. What price discounts or credits does the company offer?
  3. Does the company have a good record for paying claims? Does it pay promptly and fully?
  4. Is the company financially healthy?

At Alpha Insurers, we have the answers!