workers compensation Claims

In-house claims service is conveniently provided to all of Alpha Insurer’s clients by the experienced and efficient, licensed Adjusters at Beneficial Adjusting Company. Beneficial’s friendly Adjusters are happy to answer any claims-related questions you might have. Your time is valuable, so we strive always to settle claims quickly and fairly. Understanding the trauma that you or your visitors may have undergone due to an accident or loss, Beneficial Adjusting Co. will treat you with the utmost respect and consideration. For the best claims service on island, put your trust in Beneficial.

Should you suffer an unfortunate incident with your insured home or property, please Visit Us at one of our convenient locations in Hagatna or Upper Tumon, Contact Us, or with us today for all your claims inquiries!


Otherwise, please follow these simple steps:

  1. If the injury is severe, call 911 immediately. If not, ask the affected employee if he/she would like to stop working in order to obtain immediate medical assistance. If so and if the staffer wants to file a worker’s compensation claim, and if, AND ONLY IF, you, the employer, believe that the current injury reported to you was caused by his work or occurred at the workplace during his /her scheduled hours or employment , then, if at all possible, before the staffer is transported, or leaves, to receive medical care, please provide him/her with a properly completed GWC-101a form and retain a copy for his/her personnel records. The employee must
  2. Immediately notify Beneficial Adjusting Co. by phone
  3. Regardless of whether the employee would/would not like to file a claim, you are required by the Guam Worker’s Compensation Commission to ask the employee to complete, sign and date a GWC-201 form as soon as possible, and you, the employer, must complete a GWC-202 form. Please inquire as to whether or not there were any witnesses to the incident or resulting injury – if so, please have the employee enter the names and contact information of those witnesses in item #12 of the GWC-201 and you can enter that information in item #14 (description field) of the GWC-202 form. Please also enter the employer’s contact information on the 202. NOTE: GWC-201, 202 & any 101a’s issued MUST be submitted in-person to the GWCC office at the 4th floor of the GCIC Bldg (414 West Soledad Avenue in Hagatna), so that they can return a time-stamped copy back to you. These items MUST be given to the GWCC by/before 10-days after the incident or 10-days after the employer was formally notified of the incident in order to avoid a governmental penalty.
  4. Please email/fax the stamped GWC-201, 202 and any 101a forms to Beneficial Adjusting.
  5. Please ask the affected staffer to contact us by phone as soon as possible and to retain and to provide you with any and all medical records, billing, etc. related to his worker’s compensation claim. Additional items may be necessary.